/18 Tweets From Women This Week Thatll Make You Chuckle

18 Tweets From Women This Week Thatll Make You Chuckle


According to reports, Disney originally planned to have Blue Ivy record the entire ‘The Lion King’ soundtrack but couldn’t afford her. She allegedly then recommended Beyoncé for the movie & album as a charitable cause saying “You wanted Chanel but only have Walmart money”.

06:09 PM – 19 Jul 2019


i will marry the man who learns when to give me space and stay away from me (always) and when to smother me with affection and attention (always)

07:17 PM – 14 Jul 2019


the crazy thing about being single is that instead of texting every single thought i have in a day to someone, now they just stay in there

02:22 AM – 14 Jul 2019


Someone told me every C in ‘Pacific Ocean’ is pronounced differently and now I’m havin a bit of a moment if I’m being honest

06:46 PM – 14 Jul 2019


called my parents yesterday extremely concerned about the hurricane & asked them to take the cats & go up north for the weekend. they assured me they were fine and that no matter what they’d take care of my cats. I got this txt today(yes that’s hose water and no im not amused😂)

05:13 PM – 14 Jul 2019


Mental health: maybe let’s rest and take a break

Me: online shopping? Last minute trips?

Mental health: reLAx

Me. N E W T A T T O O S!!! Let’s spend MONEY!!!

Mental health: oh my god

02:39 PM – 13 Jul 2019

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