/Game of Moans: These are the pop culture sex toy lines you didnt know you needed

Game of Moans: These are the pop culture sex toy lines you didnt know you needed


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Yes, that's an "Infinity Fist."
Yes, that’s an “Infinity Fist.”

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May is National Masturbation Month, and we’re celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.

If you love obsessing over your favorite movies, television shows, or mythical creatures whenever you get a chance, we’ve got good news: Now you can geek out in the bedroom, too.

From dildos inspired by Marvel characters to vibrators that look like your go-to sexting emoji, there are a whole bunch of sex toys that will not only help you take your masturbation game to the next level, but also let you celebrate your favorite fandom in the process.

Here are 8 lines of sex toys sure to delight any pop culture buff. 

1. Avengers sex toys, assemble!

Avengers sex toys, assemble!

The “Indulgers” line of Avengers-themed toys by the Australian-based company Geeky Sex Toys is the perfect choice for someone looking for a hero in the bedroom. The collection includes toys inspired by Marvel greats like Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, and more.

The Möan-lnir is a take on Thor’s trusty hammer; the toy doubles as a dildo and comes with an impressive display stand. The Captain Anal is a butt plug designed for patriotic pleasure, and the Infinity Fist is designed with powerful orgasms in mind. Prices range from $55 to $120.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy toys

For out of this word orgasms.

Speaking of marvel-ous sex toys, Guardians of the Galaxy fans have their own line. The “Orgasms of the Galaxy” collection is currently sold out of the popular Cumora and Stimula strokers, but the Groot-inspired dildo and butt plug, “Randy the Raccoon” butt plug, and Star-Lord vibrator (among others), are still available. Prices range from $50 to $99.

3. Erotic emoji

Eggplant and chili pepper emoji vibrators

Image: mashable composite: emojibator

Emoji are often used when sexting, so why not use them when masturbating, too? Emojibator sells vibrators — based off the suggestive eggplant emoji, banana emoji, and chili pepper emoji — at $29 each. Chick and shark vibrators with additional functions are also sold at $89 each.

4. Pokémon-inspired products

Pokémon sex toys

Pokémon fans, meet Geeky Sex Toy’s line of Pokémoan toys. The collection honors fan-favorite Pokémon like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, with some colorful dildos ($69 each) and a butt plug ($50). Gotta buy ’em all, right?

5. Game of Thrones gear

Game of "Moans" sex toys.

Image: mashable composite: geeky sex toys

Pleasure is coming, thanks to the Game of Thrones-themed sex toy line from Geeky Sex Toys called “Game of Moans.” Though two of the popular dildo “swords” are currently sold out, the collection still includes a Long Shaft Sword dildo, a Drodong Dragon dildo, a Dragon Egg gag, and a limited-edition Night Kink dildo, which even glows in the dark. Prices range from $50 to $110.

6. Unicorn horns

Unicorn horn dildos

If you’re looking for some magic between the sheets, why not take a ride on a beautiful unicorn horn? The metallic spiral dildos have a suction cup end, and come in white, pink, or purple pearl. Each costs $60.

7. Sexy Star Wars toys

Sex toys for 'Star Wars' fans

In the mood to feel the force? Check out this “Star Toys” line filled with lightsaber dildos that actually light up, Storm Trooper vibrators, a “Hand Solo” stroker, and more. The out-of-this-world toys are priced anywhere between $30 and $169.

8. Do you with Doctor Who

Sex toys from a 'Doctor Who' collection

Image: mashable composite: Geeky Sex Toys

This Doctor Who-themed line of sex toys will really have you ready to screw around. A TardAss Paddle is available for $50; it comes in blue, of course. Dildeks, or dildos shaped like Daleks, are available for $69 (nice) and are available in black or gold. And a Sonic vibrator can act as your trusty Sonic (sex) Screwdriver for $130. If you’re too excited by all this to choose between toys, just purchase The Who Package, which includes all three for $199.

Have fun, everyone.

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