/Powerful picture of daughter who died on night out her dad wants you to see

Powerful picture of daughter who died on night out her dad wants you to see

A distraught dad has posted pictures of his daughter fighting for life after she took prescription drugs on a night out.

Martin Clearly said daughter Laura was “dead for two minutes” as a result of taking a drug normally used to treat epilepsy.

The dad from Belfast said she had a “bad reaction” to pregbalin, which is misused recreationally to induce feelings of euphoria.

Mr Clearly shared the images from the intensive care unit as a warning about the “drug epidemic that’s engulfing this country”.

Martin Clearly said his daughter was “dead for two minutes”


Martin said Laura had been placed in an induced coma on Friday, April 12.

He wrote: “My daughter was taken to hospital last Friday night/Saturday morning after leaving a party with her partner.

“She took a bad reaction to whatever she took and ended up in intensive care in an induced coma.

“We later found out that she had taken pregabalin, better known as buds or lyrica and can be readily bought for £20 a strip.”

He added: “When we got to the hospital the doctors were already working on her for the past half hour or so.

“When they eventually came out to speak to us they asked us to come into a small room and take a seat.

“We thought we were gonna be told that our daughter was dead, but thankfully they saved her.

Martin Clearly shared the images online of his daughter


“According to the doctor my daughter was dead for two minutes.

“As a parent I felt as if I had let my daughter down by not being able to protect her from the drug epidemic that’s engulfing this country.

“I know she’s an adult and has to make and standby her own decisions, but she’s still my child and no matter what age she is, it’s still my duty to protect her.”

He added: “So, next time when you’re out and you’re offered this stuff, take a good look at my daughter’s pictures and hopefully that’ll change your mind.

She has been in a coma since Friday, April 12

“Remember, when you’re dead, you’re dead, and your family are left to rebuild their lives without you.”

Pregabalin is normally used to treat epilepsy and anxiety, but can also be used to treat nerve pain including diabetes and shingles.

Misuse of the drug has been linked to heart failure.

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