/First picture of man shot dead in trademark gangland murder in Dublin

First picture of man shot dead in trademark gangland murder in Dublin

A man who was shot dead in a ‘trademark gangland murder’ yesterday has been named as Eric Fowler.

Mr Fowler, in his 30s, was suspected of helping to harbour international hitman Imre Arakas for the Kinahan crime mob.

He suffered a gunshot wound to the head at 6.50pm at Blakestown Cottages in Blanchardstown, west Dublin, reports the Irish Mirror.

Gardai and medics fought to save his life but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

A source said: “This was a trademark gangland murder – he was blasted in the head and died almost instantly.

“Gardai were on high alert in recent days as there was intelligence of a planned bloodshed. Armed patrols had been upped in the city.

Garda preserve the scene at a shooting at Blakestown Cottages

“Eric Fowler has a long track record of involvement with criminal gangs and it is believed he was the intended target of the hit. Investigations will determine a motive in the coming days.”

There are a number of theories at the moment as to the motive for the callous pre-Christmas killing.

Fowler had links to different factions and he was involved in harbouring Imre Arakas who came to Ireland to kill members of the Hutch family.

Eric Fowler was shot and killed

He was also a distant relative of the Hutch family. He was linked to a major player in West Dublin gangland who is suspected of having involvement in a number of murders.

A source added: “It was also mentioned in recent weeks that he had taken on a number of drug debts from others and maybe he wasn’t getting back the money.

“He may have been pushing these people very hard to recoup the cash – this may have been the cause.

Garda superintendent Liam Carolan

“His links with the West Dublin gangster are also a possible motive given that man is out of the picture at the moment. There are a lot of moving parts in terms of possible suspects but information will emerge in the next 24 hours. There are also suspicions on a gangster in Finglas.”

A Garda spokesman confirmed last night: “Gardai from Blanchardstown and emergency services are at the scene of a shooting at Blakestown Cottages, Blanchardstown, this evening. The shooting occurred at around 6.50pm.”

Associates of Fowler were also suspected of involvement in the murder of Caine Kirwan McCormack – the son of Noel “Duck Egg” Kirwan shot dead by the Kinahan cartel.

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